#   Date     Day Time Topic Presenter Register
1 Feb. 12 Tue 3 p.m. Stimulating Rapid Innovation with Open Networking. Priya Kothandaraman View Video
2 Feb. 19 Tue 3 p.m. Innovate your Business with Servers that Deliver. Chidamber MP View Video
3 Feb. 26 Tue 3 p.m. Vostro Laptops and Notebooks for Business. Akshay Gaur View Video
4 Mar. 8 Fri 3 p.m. Protect, control and monitor your data wherever it goes. Ashish Chalke View Video
5 Mar. 15 Fri 3 p.m. Ultimate Flexibility with Dell Wyse Thin Clients. Santhosh Pandey View Video
6 Mar. 20 Wed 12 p.m. Rely on ProSupport Plus to Maximize Efficiency and Conquer Complexity. Bindu J View Video
7 Mar. 28 Thu 3 p.m. Modernize IT with server innovation. Chidamber View Video
8 Apr. 16 Thu 12 p.m. Mastering Productivity and Boosting Application Performance. Chidamber, Akshay Gaur & Bindu J View Video
9 Apr. 24 Wed 12 p.m. Unleash your workforce potential like never before with Dell OptiPlex. Sankaralingam P Register Now
10 Apr. 25 Thu 12 p.m. Protect, Control and Monitor your Data wherever it Goes. Ashish Chalke Register Now